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Since 1972, Quality, Service, and Integrity You Can Rely On 

Plumbing parts... that's all we do. In fact, it's all we've ever done. Ever since 1972, when my father started a business in the basement of our house in New Hyde Park NY, providing quality replacement plumbing parts to the multifamily industry has been our one and only focus. With my mother helping out, Dad eventually gained a few customers, and a business was born.

Since 1972; can count on it.

Back in those early days, every single order from every single customer was the single most important thing...Forty plus years later, not much has changed in that regard. Every single order from every single customer is still the single most important thing. The right parts, right when you need them. It's the way we've done business all along, and we're proud of our reputation for outstanding service and high quality replacement parts and supplies.

Knowledge. Experience. Courtesy. Respect. We're in the business of being an asset to your property, and our knowledge of plumbing parts and long experience are at your service. We do the big things, like offer online ordering, keep our prices low, provide outstanding service, create customized catalogs for your property, etc...and the little things, like invoicing only when orders are complete, working closely with management from requisition through purchase order approval. We do things according to what works for you.


My grandfather was an immigrant shoemaker from Sicily in New York at the turn of the century, and my grandmother was a seamstress; they lived in an apartment above where they worked. My father was called to be the head of the family early in his life, and did so very well. He served as a Marine in the Pacific in World War II, and when they talk about The Greastest Generation, my dad was one of the charter members; so was my mother, born in Brooklyn, a strong woman who persevered through difficult times, never once losing faith in our family. Our company works hard to honor the American way; family, hard work, quality, attention to detail, respect for every person. Proud of what we do, and the way we do it.

Roy K. Pressimone

American Plumbing Products, Inc
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