A PunchOut catalog is an online B2B eCommerce site that a buyer can access from their own procurement system. 

We are PunchOut Catalog enabled - please contact us if you would like to initiate this capability with your organization.

PunchOut catalogs connect eProcurement solutions to eCommerce systems, enabling B2B companies to streamline the shopping process by automating authentication and cart order transfer between buyer and supplier systems.

PunchOut catalogs require a PunchOut integration between the buyer’s eProcurement system and the supplier’s catalog. Once this connection is achieved, the buying organization can access approved suppliers’ eCommerce websites by logging into their procurement system.

After logging into the procurement application, the buyer searches for and selects an approved supplier. 

This initiates a PunchOut setup request in which the buyer’s credentials are immediately validated and authenticated. The buyer is then redirected to the supplier’s store to begin the PunchOut process.

The eCommerce website is customized to each specific buyer and lists negotiated pricing. Buyers browse products and add them to their cart on the eCommerce store. However, instead of checking out when they have finished shopping, the buyer clicks a “Transfer Order” button. Their order shopping cart data is immediately transferred back to the eProcurement platform, where a requisition order is automatically created and the procurement process continues as normal.

Process Overview: Steps to Complete a PunchOut

  1. Buyer accesses the eProcurement system and searches or selects an approved supplier’s logo.
  2. Buyer is routed into the supplier’s eCommerce system to view the correct product offerings, prices and inventory levels.
  3. Buyer adds the items to their cart.
  4. When they have finished shopping, instead of checking out, the buyer transfers their cart data from the supplier’s eCommerce system into their eProcurement system.
  5. The eProcurement system creates a purchase requisition with the transferred cart data.
  6. The purchase requisition is routed internally for approvals according to the buyer’s procurement policies and approval workflows.
A Punchout catalog offfers these advantages over traditional procurement methods:
  • Efficiency: Punchout catalogs integrate with your ERP system, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reduce the risk of errors.
  • Accuracy: Punchout catalogs are constantly updated, information and pricing are always current.
  • Compliance: Punchout catalogs help with compliance with your organization's procurement policies and procedures, providing a centralized and controlled way to purchase supplies.
  • Visibility: Punchout catalogs provide visibility into your spending patterns.
  • Control: Punchout catalogs give you control over your procurement process by allowing you to restrict users to certain suppliers and to set approval workflows.
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